Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Rate yourself after reading each statement:
1: This definitely does not describe me.
2: This probably does not describe me.
3: I am unsure - I need to learn more.
4: This probably describes me.
5: This definitely describes me.

  1. I like to organize facts, people, or events.
  2. I have been used to inspire people to begin new ministries for God.
  3. I get upset when people are hurt or rejected.
  4. I can generally rely on my first impressions of people and whether their motives or character are authentic.
  5. I am verbally encouraging to those who are wavering, troubled or discouraged.
  6. I frequently think about people who do not have a faith commitment, wishing they could understand how my faith helps me.
  7. To a greater degree than most, my personal experiences help me believe in the supernatural power of God.
  8. I often give things or money generously and joyfully to do Godís work.
  9. I am drawn to people who are sick in spirit or body.
  10. It is easy for me to gather and analyze information for projects, ministries, etc.
  11. I can motivate others and get people to work together toward a common goal.
  12. I enjoy encouraging others to develop in their faith.
  13. I often spot the differences between cultural trends and biblical truths.
  14. I tend to notice and assist with practical tasks that need to be done.
  15. I like to gather information and effectively communicate it to others.
  16. I have prayed in languages I have never heard before.
  17. It is easy for me to make practical applications of truths found in the Bible, determining the best course of action.
  18. I find myself praying for things that are obviously beyond the natural capacity of people.
  19. I am willing to do time-consuming detail work to aid others.
  20. I am excited about working in multiple settings and diverse religious communities.
  21. I feel blessed by helping some who is "down and out."
  22. I can distinguish between Godís truth and someone elseís definition of truth.
  23. Others seem to be comfortable approaching me with their problems.
  24. I can share joyfully with others about why I am a Christian.
  25. In spite of circumstantial evidence to the contrary, Iím able to believe that God will keep His promises.

  26. I like to find ways to free up my resources to benefit others.
  27. I am sought out by others for healing prayers.
  28. I enjoy studying the Bible to gain insights.
  29. I have enough confidence in my vision of what should be done to give direction to others.
  30. I tend to think in terms of groups, teams, and task forces.
  31. If I believe something to be Godís truth, I will say it even if in doing so I irritate people.
  32. I feel a spiritual link to the ministries or people I serve.
  33. I can explain passages in the Bible so that others are able to understand.
  34. In prayer, my love for God can be so strong that I have difficulty expressing myself in words.
  35. People readily come to me for advice about personal and religious matters.
  36. I seek for God to be glorified in all circumstances.
  37. When I am working on a project or event, it is easy for me to see the necessary steps in the process to solve potential problems.
  38. I am interested in how the gospel can be brought to those who have never heard it.
  39. I enjoy finding ways to show others how much God loves them.
  40. I sometimes sense when something will bring people closer to God or cause them to be pushed away.
  41. I go out of my way to be available to someone needing encouragement, particularly Christians who have questions about their faith.
  42. I look for ways that might help others understand the difference Christianity can make in their lives.
  43. I have unwaveringly believed God for things others said were impossible and seen these things come to pass.
  44. I feel a sense of ownership in the ministries and projects I support financially.
  45. God seems to work through my prayers to bring healing to others.
  46. I have insights of truth which bring enlightenment to other Christians.
  47. I frequently accept responsibility in group settings where leadership is required.
  48. I enjoy taking responsibility for the spiritual growth of other Christians.
  49. I feel that when I speak on church matters, people listen and gain something from what I say.
  50. I would rather be responsible for set tasks.

  51. I love to study the Bible. I receive new insights and understanding easily and love to share them with people.
  52. I have been inspired to step out in faith through the use of personal prayer languages.
  53. I am known for my depth of understanding and insight.
  54. I have been used as an instrument for God to bring about supernatural changes in events or lives.
  55. I tend to be frustrated when I see disorganization.
  56. I am attracted to new ministries, churches, or settings where a whole new approach to service is needed.
  57. I can frequently see how to comfort people and meet their needs.
  58. I clearly perceive the difference between truth and error.
  59. I often see attributes or gifts in others that they are slow to recognize for themselves.
  60. I see how peopleís needs can be met though a Christian faith.
  61. Others have told me I am an extraordinary optimist (or words to that effect).
  62. Iíd rather give anonymously.
  63. I am aware of Godís presence and strive to pray in each situation where healing is needed.
  64. I seem to understand how God acts in our lives.
  65. I am able to lead people in a good direction.
  66. I enjoy helping others recognize and use their spiritual gifts.
  67. I see repentance, change, and challenge as healthy parts of our spiritual life.
  68. I am willing to follow instructions rather than give them.
  69. I enjoy developing ways of presenting material so that others are able to more easily learn.
  70. I find that during worship I want to express myself in syllables I do not understand.
  71. Other Christians seek me out for guidance and understanding.
  72. I have seen God perform supernatural acts when I have prayed.
  73. I enjoy learning about management issues and how organizations function effectively.
  74. Presenting the gospel to a different culture or in a different language sounds enjoyable.
  75. I can readily gain the confidence of those in need.

  76. I find my intuition in regard to circumstances or atmosphere is generally accurate.
  77. I am usually aware of the emotional state of people around me, whether they are content or whether something is bothering them.
  78. I continue to seek out friends and acquaintances who do not go to church, in order to bring them to my church.
  79. I am usually willing to take personal risks to pursue outcomes that other Christians say are unrealistic.
  80. I give away more than 10% of my income.
  81. I can sense if a personís problems are physical or emotional.
  82. I am able to know how to help people become aware of the Spirit of God within them.
  83. I am able to lead groups, large or small, in making decisions.
  84. I have compassion for those who seem to be getting off track.
  85. I listen carefully to God for what He wants me to say to others.
  86. I prefer to work behind the scenes.
  87. When I listen to others teach, I often think of alternative ways to present materials.
  88. I understand how messages given through the use of tongues serve to glorify God.
  89. I have special abilities to choose the right person for a position within the church.
  90. I have seen others accept the Christian faith through miraculous things.
  91. I enjoy managing time, priorities, organization, or financial management.
  92. The idea of living or visiting different places excites me.
  93. I am able to empathize with hurting people and enter into their healing process.
  94. My mind tends to pick up on whether books or speakers are in line with truths. Contradictions stand out for me.
  95. I am blessed by visiting with people in hospitals, nursing homes, or jails and seek out opportunities to visit them.
  96. I can comfortably talk about my faith with others in a way that makes them comfortable.
  97. There have been times when I have felt sure I knew Godís specific will for the future growth of his work, even when other Christians have not been so sure.
  98. I feel deeply moved when confronted with urgent financial needs in the Lordís work.
  99. I often have a strong desire to pray to heal others.
  100. I find myself knowing information about a situation that has not been told to me.

  101. I can make unpopular decisions when necessary.
  102. I enjoy nurturing and caring for a group of people.
  103. When necessary, I am able to confront people with the truth of a situation.
  104. I feel fulfilled in my Christian vocation by accepting responsibilities that seldom get me in the limelight.
  105. When I communicate what I have learned, others are motivated to learn more about the Bible.
  106. I have interpreted tongues in a way that is not divisive.
  107. I am often able to find a simple solution in the midst of a difficult situation.
  108. In the name of the Lord, I have been used to miraculously change circumstances.
  109. I am generally careful and thorough in handling details.
  110. I have envisioned myself as a missionary.
  111. I tend to see each person as a life that matters to God.
  112. I can distinguish different, ungodly sources of spiritual energy.
  113. I tend to have more faith in people than they have in themselves.
  114. I enjoy many friendships outside the faith community.
  115. I regularly challenge others to trust in the power of prayer.
  116. I tend to manage my own money well.
  117. When praying for someone to be healed, I feel a deep awareness of the presence of God.
  118. I have an inspired awareness of facts about God.
  119. I can see in advance what people can achieve.
  120. I like to see people form long-term, in-depth, spiritual relationships.
  121. I verbally challenge those who seem spiritually apathetic.
  122. I receive satisfaction through quietly serving others.
  123. I want to relate Godís truth to life in a way that helps people grow and develop.
  124. God has blessed me with the ability to communicate in prayer in a special language.
  125. I tend to see or think of images that convey Godís truth in a variety of situations.

  126. I have experienced miracles in my life or with someone I have prayed with.
  127. I easily delegate important responsibilities to others.
  128. I feel called to be sent out by my church to start new ministries.
  129. I enjoy conveying the grace of God to others.
  130. I feel God uses me to inform others of spiritual dangers.
  131. I sympathize easily with others and am tolerant of their shortcomings, yet I enjoy helping people mature in their faith.
  132. I get excited about sharing God with others and am thrilled when they receive forgiveness.
  133. In group situations, others often look to me for vision and direction.
  134. I feel I can successfully approach others and ask them to give of their resources.
  135. I find that the Lord works actively through me to bring wholeness to other people.
  136. I occasionally give messages of hope, warning or judgment which are confirmed by other Christians.
  137. I feel confident in directing others towards accomplishing a goal.
  138. I can often assess where a person is spiritually; I try to create a place where they can connect and mature spiritually.
  139. I can verbalize Godís truths.
  140. I am fulfilled by assisting people who need help.
  141. I like gathering information so that I can share what I know with others.
  142. When someone speaks in tongues, I feel the Holy Spirit giving me the ability to interpret.
  143. I can communicate timely and urgent messages which I feel come directly from God.
  144. I have been involved many times when God has intervened to do impossible things.

Spiritual Gifts

Administration (Joseph/Exodus 41:33-57) - The ability to attend to details and specific organization of work.

Apostleship (Paul/Acts 17:16-34) - The ability to start new churches and oversee their development. The ability to adapt to a different culture in order to reach unbelievers.

Compassion/Mercy (Jesus/John 4) - The ability to detect hurt and empathize with those who are suffering. The ability to provide compassionate and cheerful support to those experiencing distress, crisis, or pain.

Discernment (Peter and Simon the Sorcerer/Acts 8:18-24) - The ability to distinguish right from wrong, truth from error, good from evil, and to give an immediate evaluation based on Godís Word.

Encouragement (Barnabas/Acts 11:23-24) - The ability to motivate Godís people to apply and act on biblical principles, especially when they are discouraged or wavering in their faith. The ability to bring out the best in others and challenge them to develop their potential.

Evangelism (Philip/Acts 8:26-38) - The ability to communicate the truth of Jesus Christ to unbelievers in a positive, non-threatening way. The ability to sense opportunities to share Christ and lead people to respond with faith.

Faith (The Centurion/Matthew 8:5-10) - The ability to trust God for what cannot be seen and to act on Godís promise, regardless of what the circumstances indicate. The willingness to risk failure in pursuit of a God-given vision, expecting God to handle the obstacles.

Giving (The early church/Acts 4:32-35) - The ability to generously contribute material resources and/or money beyond the tithe so that the Body may grow and be strengthened. The ability to earn and manage money so it may be given to support the ministry of others.

Healing (Paul Acts 28:7-9) - The ability to pray in faith specifically for people who need physical, emotional, or spiritual healing and see God answer. The ability to sense when God is prompting you to pray this kind of prayer.

Knowledge (Luke the Apostle) - The ability to comprehend a large amount of information and provide it when needed for effective decision-making. The ability to share special insights that are given to you while in prayer or worship.

Leadership (Joshua/Joshua 1:9) - The ability to clarify and communicate the purpose and direction (vision) of a ministry in a way that attracts others to get involved. The ability to motivate others by example to work together in accomplishing a ministry goal.

Pastoring (Jesus and his disciples) - The ability to care for the spiritual needs of a group of believers and equip them for ministry. The ability to nurture a small group in spiritual growth and assume responsibility for their welfare.

Prophesy/Preaching (John/Revelation 2) - The ability to publicly communicate Godís Word in an inspired way that convinces unbelievers and both challenges and comforts believers. The ability to persuasively declare Godís will.

Serving/Helping - The ability to recognize unmet needs in the church family and take the initiative to provide practical assistance quickly, cheerfully, and without need for recognition.

Teaching (Peter and John/Acts 3-4) - The ability to educate Godís people by clearly explaining and applying the Bible in a way that causes them to learn. The ability to equip and train other believers for ministry.

Tongues/Interpretation of Tongues (Early Church in Acts) - The ability to pray in a language understood only by God or one who is given the gift of interpretation at that time.

Wisdom - The ability to understand Godís perspective on life situations and share those insights in a simple, understandable way. The ability to explain what to do and how to do it.

Working Miracles - (1 Cor. 12:9-10) The ability to bring about extraordinary events through the power of the Holy Spirit.